Windows 12 Pro 2024: (64/32Bit) Download & Release Date!

Windows 12 Pro 2024: (64/32Bit) Specifications, Download & Release Date! Welcome to our new tech review content. Microsoft is the most popular and powerful software company. You know that Microsoft adopting a new Windows development cycle with recent titles every three years and other innovation releases in between.

Windows 12 Pro 2024

The possibility of a completely new version of Windows looked improbable. Yet, it is known Windows 11 is already present on about 20% of the market’s computers. The current debate is whether Microsoft will announce the release date of Windows 12. In actuality, there are signs that Windows 12 is getting very soon.

Windows 12 Release Date Mid, 2024
Operating System Name Windows 12
Developer Microsoft
Operated on All the Personal Computers and Laptops
File Size                1.2 GB

Windows 12 Pro 2024 Specifications & Features

The brand-new operating system will have its hardware specifications and is anticipated to work with the virtual reality system. Windows 12 will have a completely new design from earlier design trends. New 2024 Windows 12 Lite Download.

The consumers will also have the option of selecting either the homepage or the start-up menu. The majority of people employ third-party applications like Bandicam, Camtasia, etc. The users will receive a built-in screen recorder.

People also expect a built-in, very effective antivirus to shield their computer from outside danger. Aero glass transparency is one of the most recent additions. Users can anticipate several fascinating new apps created explicitly for the latest version of Windows 12 and the operating system itself.

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Considering how seriously Microsoft takes Windows computer security. TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is used to improve the security of your PC. However, if your current device can run Windows 11, we are sure it will also have no trouble running Windows 12.

Windows 12 Pro

The minimum hardware requirements for Windows 12:

  • Processor: 1GHz or faster dual-core processor with at least two cores and 64-bit compliance (SoC)
  • Memory: 4 GB or more of RAM
  • Storage: 64 gigabytes or more of storage
  • Hardware firmware: utilizes UEFI TPM and supports
  • Secure Boot: Graphics card using the TPM Trusted Platform Module,
  • Version 2.0: compatible with WDDM 2.0 and DirectX 12 or later
  • Display: support for high definition (720p), 8 bits per color channel, and monitors bigger than 9 inches across

How do you download the 64-bit version of Windows 12?

As we have stated, Microsoft has not formally announced Windows 12 yet. The rumor that the next iteration of Windows will be released in 2024 is untrue. But if the assumptions are correct, downloading will proceed as it did for past Windows.

Windows 12 ISO Release Date 2024

According to reports, Windows 12 appears to be already available. The rumor states that Windows 12 is scheduled to launch in 2024, or about three years after the launch of Windows 11.

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