Android 14 Update Release Date, Price & Features!

Android 14 Release Date, Features & Price! If you’re curious about the upcoming Android 14 release date, read about this new smartphone’s features and updates. It’s possible that this new operating system. The official release date of the newest version of Android is unknown yet. The code name for the new version is “Upside Down Cake”.

Android 14 Update

They may launch Android 14 in August 2023. While the name is somewhat confusing, the character is the fourteenth Android designed by Dr. Gero. The character made its first appearance in the anime series Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13! Despite his name, the character has a very Native American appearance.

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Android 14 Features:

  • Lossless USB audio: Lossless USB audio allows the users to enjoy high-quality audio playback without any compression.
  • Per-app languages: Android 14 allows users to set different languages for different apps.
  • Predictive back gesture: Predictive back gesture is a new feature in Android 14 that predicts where the user will go next and preloads that screen for a more enhanced look.
  • Lock screen customization: More first-party wallpapers, new Lock Screen quick actions, and clock fonts. You also get wallpapers generated by AI.
  • Camera features: You can digitize your documents with a first-party document scanner; there’s support for Ultra HDR photos, better low-light imagery, and in-sensor zoom on supported models.

Android 14 Release Date updates:

While Android 14 isn’t officially out yet, there are a few changes on the horizon. This release introduces a new interface that makes it easier to find updates. Google has streamlined its Android Market to make it easier to download and install applications.

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It has also added support for the MIDI 2.0 standard, allowing you to connect MIDI hardware via USB. This new standard provides improved resolution for controllers, improved support for non-Western intonation, and expressive performance with per-note controllers.

Android 14 release date

Developer Preview February 2023
Developer Preview March 2023
Beta 1 April 2023
Beta 2 and 3 May-June 2023
Beta 4 July 2023
Stable Build August 2023

While the code name of the new version of Android may not be as exciting as previous ones, Google has a good history of revealing code names in fun ways. Past Android releases have nicknames after desserts. Android 10 was known as Quince, while Android 11 was named Red Velvet Cake. Later, Android 12 was dubbed Snow Cone. Finally, Android 13 nickname Tiramisu. We’ll have to wait a little longer for the real name of Android 14, but you’ll have the latest information and get a sneak peek at the latest version of Android.

Android 14 Release Date & Price:

Google has announced that the price of the next version of its popular operating system, Android 14, will start at $250. This new version of Android will be available for certain smartphones starting from the Google Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 6a 5G, and Pixel 4XL. Also, the name Upside Down Cake is fitting for the new OS because it will be serving right-side up. Google’s previous Android versions have been given dessert names.

Android 10 is known as Quince, while Android 11 is dubbed Red Velvet Cake. Google may have run out of good choices, but the code names have been revealed as desserts. Android 11 is known as Red Velvet Cake, Android 12 is called Snow Cone, and Android 13 is known as Tiramisu.

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