Starlink Tesla Pi Phone 2024 Official Price, Release Date & Specs

Starlink Tesla Pi Phone 2024: Full Specs, Official Price & Release Date! Welcome to dear smartphone fans. Today we will share amazing news. Tesla company recently bring a new smartphone. This upcoming new smartphone is the latest technology with a premium design and specs.

According to our legit source, an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Austin Company is reportedly planning to launch a new Tesla flagship. The name is Starlink Tesla Pi Phone. Tesla is taking a bit of extra time to launch this phone because they want to make it as special as possible. If you want to know more details information about it. May you Just stay with us and continue reading this content.

Starlink Tesla Pi Phone

Starlink Tesla Pi Phone 2024 Release Date:

Tesla Company hasn’t announced any information on the release date of this Tesla Pi smartphone. We think of the upcoming Starlink Tesla Pi Phone Release in the last quarter of 2024. It may be late to release for feature updates or company issues. Tesla Phone Pi 5G

Expected Tesla Mobile Features & Theories:

According to rumors, The Tesla Mobile reportedly boasts amazing features. There are several theories around it as well. To rapidly examine a handful of them, see below:

  • Starlink will be compatible with Tesla Mobile, and it will function on Mars: The Model Pi may feature an antenna that would connect it to Starlink and enable it to connect to Mars, according to many rumors. Additionally, download rates of up to 210 Mbps are reportedly available.
  • The Mars Coin will be mined by Tesla Pi Mobile: According to rumors, this smartphone will mine for Mars Coin, a cryptocurrency. The phone serves as a Bitcoin wallet and can be used on Mars.
  • Tesla Mobile and Neuralink will work together: The goal of Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brainchild, is to build brain-computer interfaces with incredibly high bandwidth. According to sources, the Model Pi will work as designed and have direct communication with the user’s brain.
  • Tesla Pi Mobile will release the first satellite phone that will be widely available: This smartphone won’t be the first; satellite phones like “Thuraya” and “Iridium” already exist. However, it will be the first smart satellite phone that anybody can buy.
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Starlink Tesla Pi Phone 2024 Price:

Concerning the cost, the Starlink Tesla Pi Phone 5G Price in the USA is $800-$1200. You can see different prices in your country. Because the price Depends on your country’s Government TAX and Others.

Country Price ( Expected)
Tesla Phone Price in USA $800 – $1200
Tesla Phone Price in Canada CAN$1,088
Tesla Phone Price in UK £849
Tesla Phone Price in France Euro720
Tesla Phone Price in Australia AUD1,120 Australian Dollar
Tesla Phone Price in Germany Euro720
Tesla Phone Price in India ₹69,999
Tesla Phone Price in Pakistan RS160000 to RS180000

Tesla Model Pi 5G Connectivity

For the next generation provides wireless technology including a 5G connection. This gadget would provide seamless internet access which blazing-fast download and upload rates, reduced latency, and improved network dependability.

In conclusion, we have to wait for the official announcement of the Tesla Pi Phone. If you have any questions about this mobile just comment in the box. We will reply as soon as possible. Thanks for staying with us.

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