Windows 12 ISO Download and Install 64-Bit Free Direct link

Windows 12 ISO Download and Install 64-bit Free Direct link! I will share interesting news for Tech lovers from today. Day by day increased PC/Laptop users. Today we are going to talk about it pc/laptop users. Windows is the lifeblood of a laptop/PC. Microsoft recently officially announced Windows 12 ISO. We know there have been a lot of talks online about the lite version of Windows 12 IOS for quite some time now.

Windows 12 ISO Download

It is releasing Windows 12 to compete with Apple Mac with game-changing features. It is known that Microsoft will build up the complete modern version through Windows 12 IOS, which has been named the project Gold PC. Windows 12 is popular all across the world for updated features. Here you can download Windows 12 iso 64-bit for your PC and laptop. It’s free, you can just download or upgrade your previous Windows 10 to the new Windows 12.

Windows 12 Download ISO Pro home

Among the handful of operating systems currently, in use, Microsoft’s operating system is the best. We all know that Microsoft is the most used operating system in the world. The Microsoft company is a very large brand in the IT sector. Microsoft authority allows these users to download Windows 12 for its user.

You can download and install it completely free if you want. You will not be confused about the rumored release date and retention. Are you still confused that Windows 12 will be good? Comment to let us know your opinion. Before making a decision, know the Windows 12 download and features well.

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Windows 12 ISO Download 32-bit

To download anything you need to have a good understanding of the internet and browsing. Windows 12 iso file download is not difficult anymore. You can just go to Google and type “Windows 12 iso download” then Enter and you will get the Windows 12 downloading file on your PC or laptop.

You know that Microsoft is quite busy imparting new updates for Windows 10. The previous launch of Windows 10 has already received a lot of success and buzz. Download Windows 12 ISO files from Microsoft’s official website to keep your PC updated and secure. If you have been thinking about the best features and release date then you have landed on the right platform.

Windows 12 ISO download 64-bit

Download the new version of Windows 12 officially and for free, using the Windows Insider program. If you find any bugs in Windows 12 ISO   then you will get the Windows beta version for free. For this, you need to join the Windows Insider program.

The only thing you will need to be able to download Windows 12 iso 64-bit 32-bit versions is to have a computer compatible with Windows 12, a Microsoft account, and an Internet connection.

Windows 12 ISO 64-bit Requirement

  • 64 GB of storage
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 1 GHz processor with two or more cores
  • Graphics card compatible with DirectX 12
  • UEFI and Secure Boot
  • TPM 2.0

How to install Windows 12 ISO 64bit?

To install the latest version of Windows, you must go to your Settings application. Then go to the Windows Insider Program section and sign up for the Beta Channel. You can then restart your computer and check Windows Update for updates to receive version 22000.120.

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Windows 12 ISO Download and Install

You may receive a warning that your PC is not compatible with Windows 12 64-bit. Especially if it is a tower, it could be that you have TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot disabled. My partner “Javier Gualix” is here to show you how to activate both features. You might be interested in seeing our colleague’s article on Windows 12 iso requirements.

Windows 12 ISO Problems & Difficulties

  • Windows 12 Problem 1: The first problem is the same tool. The tool isn’t just free and easy to use, it’s a potato. On the one hand, there is the fact that it only tells you if your equipment is compatible or not. but it does not give you reasons or offer you solutions. Microsoft plans to fix it soon, but in the meantime, it is not 100% reliable.
  • Windows 12 Problem 2: The second problem is the language about the requirements.
  • Windows 12 Problem 3: one of the minimum requirements according to this information is to have TPM 2.0. However, the Microsoft support website speaks of TPM 2.0 as a soft requirement and TPM 1.2 as a strict requirement.
  • Windows 12 Problem 4: The fourth problem is that there are a lot of unsupported modern processors. It’s only CPUs from the 8th generation of Intel will be supported.

In conclusion, if you have any problems or any questions. Please comment below. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you very much for a long time reading the article.


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